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Chamonix Grappa & Schnapps Tasting

January 23, 2011 by  
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Classic German style fruit schnapps and aperitifs are produced. The Chamonix distillery is run according to German distillery standards with genuine imported German copper kettles. Also produced is Grappa, and Chamonix Grappa follows the 400-year tradition of Grappa distilling countries like Italy, France and Germany. This increasingly popular spirit is made from distilling masses of grape skins and stalks. Chamonix Schweden Bitter and CRH Bitters are also distilled at our distillery from herbs infused with farm fruit alcohol from the original ancient recipe, a natural herbal remedy, with no artificial colorants and flavourings, no added caffeine sugar or preservatives added.

Venue: Chamonix Wine Shop

Cost: R 15 to taste 5 schnapps

Duration: 30 min

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