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Franschhoek Cellars Cheese and Wine Pairing

January 23, 2011 by  
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Our wine range is known as ” The Franschhoek Cellar Village Walk” We Honour our Heritage & wine Culture by dedicating each of our wines to a Historical landmark in Franschhoek. Truckles cheese, a Local Cheese Factory situated in the Village, is not open to the public however Franschhoek Cellar will be the exclusive venue where you can taste these Cheeses.

The Wine & Cheese tasting is quite unique as each wine is paired with a different cheese, our winemaker and the owner of Truckles made their selection, however seen as Wine and Cheese tasting is a personal choice you can also taste the cheese in your own order. The tasting order will be as follows,

FHC Sauvignon Blanc with Truckles Chevrè(Goats cheese), FHC Chenin Blanc with Truckles emmental, FHC Unwooded Chardonnay with Truckles Camembert, FHC Merlot with Truckles Gorgenzola, FHC Shiraz with Truckles Boeren Kaas mature, FHC Cabernet Sauvignon with Truckles Gruyere.

Venue: Franschhoek Cellars

Cost: R35 p/p

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Times available: Everyday

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